Do Medical Billers Make New Year's Resolutions?

As made fact by the all-knowing Google search, these are the typical top 10 New Year’s Resolutions in no particular order:
Eat Healthy/Exercise Regularly exercise improves health   Drink Less     Learn Something New continued education
Better Work/Life Balance Quit Smokingquit smokingSave Money     save money            Volunteer
Get Organized   organizational tools Read More reading Finish To-do Listto do list

So if you are sitting in your billing office, looking ahead to 2014, your list of resolutions might look similar to those below.  Iridium Suite Practice Management Software wants to help you keep your medical billing resolutions.  We offer free access to informative blog articles, user forums, healthcare infographics, white papers and ebooks.
 Learn how to use ICD-10… I have until October 1! continued education

Increase revenue by analyzing fee schedules and negotiate better reimbursements.  save money

reading Read newsletters and healthcare articles to keep up with billing changes like new CPT codes, additional PQRS measures, claims filing rules (like the new HCFA 1500 format and quarterly CCI edits)

 Organize my EDI transactions to maximize new payer ERA and EFT mandates. organizational tools

to do list Keep up with those dreaded tasks like patient accounts receivables follow-up.

Medical Business Systems wishes you a Happy and Very Prosperous New Year!!
 Happy New Year Ernie