Gharonda (The Nest)

Directed by
Bhimsain Khurana

Produced by
Bhimsain Khurana

Written by
Bhushan Banmali (dialogues)

Screenplay by

Story by
Dr. Shankar Shesh

Amol Palekar
Zarina Wahab
Dr. Shreeram Lagoo

Narrated by

Music by
Gulzar (lyrics)

Apurba Kishore Bir
Binod Pradhan (asst.)

Edited by
Waman B. Bhosle

Release date




Gharonda (Hindi: घरोंदा or “The Nest”) is a 1977 Hindi film, produced and directed by Bhimsain Khurana the film stars Amol Palekar, Zarina Wahab, Shreeram Lagoo and Jalal Agha. The music is by Jaidev.


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Gharonda explores the lives of Sudip (Amol Palekar) and Chhaya (Zarina Wahab) who belong to the middle class in Mumbai and work in the same office. Chhaya is sharing a 1 room flat with her younger brother, her older brother and sister-in law. Sudip has rented a room with 3 other men. Sudip and Chhaya plan to get married as soon as they have a house made for themselves. In this process, they save every penny to build a corpus for buying a house. They go house hunting looking for an abode which will suit their budgets. After finally investing in a flat in one building, they are all excited about their future. After a few months, the builder who is a fraud, absconds with their money. Sudip’s room mate (played by Sadhu Mehar), who has also invested in the building, commits suicide. The building project is abandoned and all the money of investors goes down the drain. The couple is shocked and does not know how to react. They just cannot imagine having to start once again from scratch.
In the meantime, the owner of their firm Mr. Modi (Shriram Lagoo), starts taking an interest in Chhaya and eventually proposes to her. Modi is a rich, ageing widower who is also a heart patient. Chhaya is aghast at the proposal but Sudip sees a big opportunity in this. He tells her that since Modi is a heart patient, he is expected to die within a few months. After that, they can get married and their problems of house and wealth would be solved for ever. Chhaya is disillusioned with Sudip for even suggesting such a thing and with a lot of reluctance accepts Modi’s proposal, specially as it gives her a chance to settle her brother.
Modi and Chhaya’s married life starts awkwardly but soon she takes on the role of a dutiful wife.