Jane Wilson-Howarth

Jane Margaret Wilson

Pen name
Jane Wilson-Howarth

physician, author, lecturer


travel narratives, travel health, fiction

Nepal, Madagascar

Simon Howarth (born 1987)

Alexander, David (died 1996), Sebastian



Jane Wilson-Howarth (born 1954) is a British physician, lecturer and author. She has written three travel health guides, two travel narratives, a novel, a series of wildlife adventures for children, innumerable articles for non-specialist readers, and many scientific/academic papers.


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Personal life[edit]
Jane Wilson was born in Epsom Hospital, Surrey, as one of the three children of Peggy (Margaret) Thomas (1926–2015), from London, and a bibliophile, Joe Wilson (1920–2011), from Ballymena in Northern Ireland. She grew up in Stoneleigh, a suburb north of Ewell Village. She is married to Simon Howarth.
She attended Stoneleigh East County Infants, Junior and Senior Schools, and also Cheam High School, but was challenged by dyslexia. She left school at 16 to study for an Ordinary National Diploma in sciences at Ewell Technical College (now North East Surrey College of Technology).
She then studied biological sciences at Plymouth Polytechnic, concentrating on invertebrates, pollution studies, environmental resource management, and completed a research project on cave microclimate and its influence on collembola. This involved countless trips into Radford Cave and led to her first publication.[1] During cave exploration in the UK she made extensive collections of invertebrates to document the species living in lightless environments.[2] In 1976 she was awarded a travelling scholarship by the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust, which funded a trip to Nepal.
The Nepal connection led to a veterinary research job and she wrote a thesis about rabbit parasites for an MSc from Corpus Christi College, Oxford. Through this work she developed both an interest in immunology and a plan to work to help the poor in emerging nations. She then studied for a medical degree at the University of Southampton.
Wilson-Howarth is now a general practitioner. She gained a Diploma in Child Health (Royal College of Physicians, London 1992)

Jane Wilson-Howarth