When Medical Billing Software is Better Than Bacon

Bacon is pretty good.
The smell of bacon cooking can trigger such pleasant memories as weekend family breakfasts.  The smell must be so intoxicating that someone even created bacon scented deodorant. (Go ahead google it, I dare you or go to powerbacon and buy yours today.)

The taste, always salty, sometimes sweet, occasionally spicy, will make your mouth water and turn ordinarily dull toast, lettuce and tomato into a tantalizing lunch.

“As seen on TV”, the ever amazing bacon can be turned into an edible bowl you can fill with foods of your heart’s delight.

It is so popular, websites, Facebook and Google+ pages have been dedicated to it.  If you don’t believe me, see Mr. Baconpants.

But, even with all those things going for it, Iridium Suite Practice Management Software is better.

You can’t eat software, but the right one will improve your cash flow and that equals more bacon (the figurative kind and the real stuff) and/or wine, shoes, hobbies, whatever your desires might be!

So see, I am right.  Medical billing software is better than bacon.
Choose  and let us help you “Bring home the bacon!”
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In the meantime, let me explain how Iridium Suite can help you to achieve maximum claim reimbursement.

The critical elements are submitting clean claims initially, receiving quick insurance payments, monitoring denials, collecting patient payments and analyzing business performance indicators through reporting.

You can fulfill all these tasks with the following functions found in Iridium Suite:

Real-time Eligibility:  This function will allow staff to check patient eligibility in “real-time” before services are invoiced to the payer.  It eliminates denials for terminated policies or rejections due to incorrect identification numbers, etc.

Claim Scrubber: To prevent denials based on the NCCI edits, you will have the ability to “scrub” claims for conflicts between the procedures being billed.  We also offer custom scrubber rules that can be designed especially for your practice/specialty.

Integrated Electronic Invoicing: You are able to submit of the majority of your payer claims electronically which provides accelerated claims processing.  Denials for untimely filing can cost your practice significant revenue.  Electronic claims submission also offers automated responses from the clearinghouse and the payer recorded in the system.  You can produce these responses as a PDF document called “Proof of Timely Filing Report” to back up your appeals for those types of denials.  Electronic invoicing also drastically reduces the number of claims lost in the mail or “not on file at the payer.”

Automated Electronic Payment Adjudication:  The software is able to automatically adjudicate electronically received insurance explanation of benefits.  Through this process, insurance payments are posted faster allowing you to quickly collect remaining balances from secondary payers or patients and initiate any appeals for any denied services.

Practice Management Tools:  With a full ranges of accounts receivable and revenue reports, as well as, practice statistics you can keep on top of any potential reimbursement issues and provide the accountability your providers require.

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